Dead Hairy

When Squashy Grandma’s teeth get stuck in the vacuum cleaner, Abbie meets the Very Odd Job Man, Matt Platt, and his daughter Perdita. Drawn into a hair-raising hunt for Perdita’s missing mum, Coriander, Abbie is helped along the way by Fernando, the heartbroken shrunken head of a Spanish conquistador, and Chester, a shy patch of chest hair. But waddling in the shadows is the white-suited mean, clean Dr. Hubris Klench. Abbie soon discovers that finding Coriander is one thing, but saving the world from Klench’s ‘eefil doinks’ quite another.

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‘Dead Hairy romps..with exuberance and sparkling dialogue.’ – Mary Arrigan, Irish Examiner

‘Great fun, loaded with laughs … this one is a pure delight.’ – Mary Esther Judy, Fallen Star Stories

‘A wonderful read.’ – Eoin Purcell, Irish Publishing News

‘Extremely well written – immediate, clever, smartalecky … immensely enjoyable.’ – Irish Catholic