Class Act

What’s the point of Brian O’Bunion? His teacher hates him. His schoolmates ignore him. His dad hasn’t bought him Coco Pops for two years, one month and nineteen days. He feels like disappearing … until his classmates actually do. Then Brian uncovers a trail that leads to a terrifying bug-eating thug who’s bent on revenge. A buzzing tale of friendship, courage and Curly Wurlys.

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“This beautifully formed novel … cleverly crafted by an accomplished wordsmith … the [author’s] best yet. ” – Evening Echo

“A fantastic story of friendship, success against the odds … a wonderful book for all of us…fun, funny and full of heart … A marvellous adventure … wonderful, funny, completely entertaining circumstances with which everyone will relate.” – (Fallen Star Stories)

“An amazing and hilarious adventure with help from a most unusual but lovable source. Great fun.” – Irish Examiner