Chameleon Dad

When Connie gets a letter from the dad she thought was dead, she sets out to discover why he left her, eight years ago, sitting in an airport café with only her pet chameleon for company.

‘Full of heart and feeling, intriguing and entertaining, fun and fantastic…this really is a fabulous summer read!’  – Fallen Star Stories.

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My Secret Dragon

Mum’s the word about Aidan’s family secret

Aidan’s spent his life protecting his shy, gentle mum who is part-dragon and can breathe fire. But when her secret gets out she’s kidnapped. With the help of his brainy friend Charlotte and some crackling Greek mythology, Aidan must risk his life to save his mum.

‘Part heart-warming family drama, part rip-roaring kidnapping yarn, this story is a clever blend of realism and fantasy for children who like adventure tales with lashings of humour and heart.’  Irish Independent.

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Class Act

What’s the point of Brian O’Bunion?

He’s picked on by his teacher and ignored by his classmates. No wonder Brian hates school … until an ancient honeybee preserved in his mum’s amber ring comes back to life. When three classmates go missing, Brian and his bee embark on a rescue mission that calls for the brains and bravery Brian never knew he had.

“An amazing and hilarious adventure with help from a most unusual but lovable source. Great fun.” – Irish Examiner

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The Abbie Hartley Trilogy

Join brave Abbie and her wacky friend Perdita on three hair-raising adventures to rescue orangutans from a hair museum; to find a shrunken head in the Amazon jungle, and to reverse an ancient curse on a mysterious island.

Dead Hairy

Welcome to the hair museum, where history has hairstyles and fish have beards.

When Grandma’s teeth get stuck in the vacuum cleaner, Abbie calls the Very Odd Job man. Befriending his daughter Perdita, she visits the Museum of Hair; meets Fernando the talking shrunken head; brushes with some hairy heroes from history, and uncovers a plot by whopper baddie Dr Hubris Klench to bottle and sell their talents.

‘I can’t recommend it highly enough. I think it’s a brilliant book. I was roaring laughing at the first couple of pages.’ (Brendan Nolan, radio presenter and author of Telling Tales)

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Jungle Tangle

Welcome to the Amazon, where heads shrink and villains slink.

Abbie and Perdita take Fernando the shrunken head to the Amazon jungle to find his shrunken-headed wife. With grumpy Grandma bringing her shopping trolley and arch-enemy Dr Klench lurking in the undergrowth, what could possibly go wrong?

‘A hilarious and madcap adventure’ – Primary Times

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Monkie Business

Welcome to Remote Ken, an island with a mind of its own.

When her teacher announces a nature field trip to an island off the coast of Ireland, Abbie has other ideas. She’s heard a legend that medieval monks buried a priceless goblet on the island and is determined to find the treasure. But so is super-baddie Dr Klench. And the island itself has plans to stop them both.

‘Quickfire action and wit in this whirlwind treasure hunt.’ – Evening Echo

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