Cover illustration by Shannon Bergin

Excited to see my new book Chameleon Dad (age 9+) in the shops this week.

When 12-year-old Connie gets a letter from the dad she thought was dead, she tracks him down to find out why he left her, eight years ago, sitting in an airport cafe with a chameleon in a box. With the help of her pet chameleon Hue, and an eccentric fossil-hunting boy called Thyo (short for Ichthyosaurus), she finds her dad. But as he reveals his true colours, Connie begins to question her own memories, and to wonder if she’s made the biggest mistake of her life.

I say ‘see’ Chameleon Dad in the shops … actually, I haven’t seen it in flesh and blood at all yet. We’re in Toronto and, post being what it is, the book won’t get here in time. Weird – and strangely wonderful – to think that others will see it before I do.

Huge thanks to the brilliant Little Island team – Matthew, Siobhán, Kate and Elizabeth – for bringing this book to the shelves. And more huge thanks to Shannon Bergin for the fantastic chameleon-colourful cover. You can order Chameleon Dad here