Delighted to contribute to Bedtime Stories, a truly magical fundraiser for the home-saving work of @Thresholdire. Sign up to hear favourite children’s stories, Irish folktales and completely original stories from well-known voices.

I often take my home for granted but, when I stop to think, I am so very grateful to have a roof, floors, windows and doors. It’s hard to imagine life without them. But too many people in Ireland don’t have to imagine it; they face homelessness, or its threat, every day.

It’s a privilege to support Threshold in their wonderful work to secure housing rights, especially for disadvantaged groups, and especially at this difficult time of emergence from lockdown. The Bedtime Stories project is a very creative way to support those struggling to pay rent. I hope it brings great fun to listeners, and great funds to Threshold.

Everyone deserves a safe place to rest their head at bedtime. Sign up and help a family keep their home: