Hello new book! My Secret Dragon has finally hatched after a two-year incubation. It began during a morning run when the words ‘My mother is part-dragon’ popped into my head.

The story explores difference, and how people react to it, through the eyes of twelve-year-old Aidan who’s been homeschooled all his life to protect his mum’s secret. Her resents paying the price for her ‘disability’ and persuades her to let him start school. This unleashes a terrifying chain of events that leads to Aidan risking his life to safe hers. On the way he discovers true friendship, some fantastic Greek legends and pride in his unique and beautiful mum.

And check out the yummy recipes Aidan invents at the back of the book – from peawurly (peanut butter and Curly Wurly) cookies to Hula Hoop cupcakes.

You can preorder My Secret Dragon at http://littleisland.ie/books/my-secret-dragon/. Huge thanks to the wonderful Little Island team, Siobhán Parkinson, Gráinne Clear and Matthew Parkinson-Bennett, dragon-hatchers extraordinaire.