One of the best things about running writing workshops is watching young imaginations slice through status, stick out their tongues at competition and kick privilege in the butt.

In the last couple of months, I’ve worked with children in one of Ireland’s most expensive schools; a direct provision centre; a hospital, and libraries in different states of health. Rich or poor, knowledgeable or not, pampered or pushed, it makes no difference to the children’s output. I don’t mean the spelling doesn’t vary, or the vocabulary or even the eloquence. It’s the raw ideas and imagery that crash through all those things we think define us, and which level the playing field, never mind how many tennis courts.

When it comes to imagination, everyone’s right. Maths might smell like melting butter to you and cat’s wee to me. How can you get a B for thinking Tuesday is yellow, and an A for deciding it’s green?

Creativity isn’t about correct answers but freedom and confidence. Everyone’s got it. Let’s help each other flaunt it.