Some hard things to do:

Write a great story.

Write a great story in a group.

Write a great story in a group of strangers.

Write a great story in a group of strangers who speak English as a second or even third language.

Put them together and what do you get? 

Misunderstanding      Argument

Peer pressure         Power games


I’ve-got-the-best-ideas-ness        I’ve-got-no-ideas-ness


You’d think so. But this week St Aidan’s School in Tallaght has pulled off the impossible with students from Cyprus, Denmark, France, Spain and Wales on an Erasmus European school exchange programme

Working together, with encouraging noises from me and illustration brilliance from Alan Nolan they came up with five fantastic stories of peace missions into space.

Shame on you Brexiteers – that’s European union.