There’s a lot of it about. Shouting sisters, shouting brothers, shouting fathers, shouting mothers, get out of the bathroom, into the car, shouting in class, the playground, Parliament, on  the road, the pitch, the podium, shouting at the TV, the toaster, the time, the price, in demonstrations, protestations, remonstrations, attacking,  name-blacking, defending, unfriending, distracting, reacting, opinion-as-facting, reproving, point-proving, statistics you can’t argue with except when you can, Brexit regrets, what did you expect, Trump-anti-Trumping, tub-thumping, I’m right, no I am, how can you, how could you, that’s nonsense, baloney, you’re stupid, you’re phoney, I’ve got the answers, just listen to mememeMEME 


That birdsong.