Poor Fernando. The shrunken head hero of Jungle Tangle hasn’t had many breaks in life since the one that split him from his body. When the Spanish conquistador was caught and shrunk by Amazon tribesmen lost everything: his body, his wife, his looks. Granted he was on a mission to steal gold and land – but no one likes to see a handsome chap reduced to a hairy raisin.

By the end of Dead Hairy he’d repented of his greedy past and saved Abbie Hartley and her friend Perdita Platt from the wicked clutches of Hubris Klench. But he was more miserable than ever. What could I do to cheer him up?

Not much about his body: that was lost to pirhanas  4 centuries ago.

What about his wife? Well, luckily (though she didn’t use that word) she too was shrunk and preserved.  How about a trip to the Amazon jungle to find her?

‘Deal,’ said Abbie and Perdita, who love a juicy adventure. So here comes Jungle Tangle, a story of Amazon quests, loyal friendship, school bullies, jungle baddies and a very unusual zoo. *

And his looks? Well how about this to cheer him up?

This work of chocolart was made to order by the wonderful Chris Verraes (www.cakeforbreakfast.co.uk). And if you think this is impressive, just look at www.cakeforbreakfast.co.uk. Slugs, worms, frogs – you name it, he can choclicate it. Genius!

And it’s certainly cheered Fernando up.

*Jungle Tangle is available on Amazon and in bookshops from Feb 9th.