Writer in Residence, Crumlin Children’s Hospital
Project Officer, International Board on Books for Young People (Ireland)



Author visits

Ably assisted by wigs, bees, chocolate shrunken heads and the odd slipper or two.

Creative writing workshops

Bundles of fun with words, stories and drama.

Development education workshops

Exploring global themes creatively: poverty, prejudice, education, migration etc.

Handbook of Heroes

Discover your inner superhero, describe your real-life heroes and decide how YOU’LL be a hero in this crazy old world of ours.

Once Upon a Folktale

Celebrate different cultures with stories, old and invented, from around the world.

Nation Creation

Found your own country, complete with laws, language, flag and of course national pudding. What are the schools like, the houses, the shops and clothes? The customs and cakes and comedy shows?


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