Jungle Tangle

Welcome to the Amazon, where heads shrink and villains slink.

Abbie Hartley is off on the trip of a lifetime. Her destination? The Amazon jungle. Her mission? To find the wife of her friend Fernando.
There’s only one problem. Fernando and his wife are shrunken heads … and the Amazon jungle is huge.
Oh, and another. Squashy Grandma insists on coming with her shopping bag on wheels and pet wig.
Oh, and just one more. Burger-on-legs and villain extraordinaire Dr Hubris Klench is lurking in the undergrowth with some very wicked tricks up his very wide sleeve.

“…hilarious and madcap adventure”
(Primary Times)

“As with its predecessor, Jungle Tangle is utterly delightful, laugh-out-loud funny and leaves the reader wanting more.”
(Mary Esther Judy, Inis Magazine)

“Weird and wonderful”
(Evening Echo)

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Mercier Press
Format: Paperback
Illustrations: Stella Macdonald
Publication Date: February 2013
Category: Children’s age 9-12