Dead Hairy

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When Squashy Grandma’s teeth get stuck in the vacuum cleaner, Abbie meets the Very Odd Job Man, Matt Platt, and his daughter Perdita. Drawn into a hair-raising hunt for Perdita’s missing mum, Coriander, Abbie is helped along the way by Fernando, the heartbroken shrunken head of a Spanish conquistador, and Chester, a shy patch of chest hair. But waddling in the shadows is the white-suited, burger-shaped Dr. Hubris Klench. Abbie soon discovers that finding Coriander is one thing, but saving the world from Klench’s ‘eefil doinks’ quite another.

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“A brilliant, original book.”

(Sue Leonard, Irish Examiner)

“We love Dead Hairy!”
(Woman’s Way – recommended as part of their ‘Bring Back Books’ campaign)

“… extremely well written – immediate, clever, smartalecky … immensely enjoyable.”
(Irish Catholic)

“…romps..with exuberance and sparkling dialogue”
(Mary Arrigan, Irish Examiner)

“… great fun, loaded with laughs… this one is a pure delight”
(Mary Esther Judy, Fallen Star Stories)

” … a wonderful read”
(Eoin Purcell, Irish Publishing News)

” I can’t recommend it highly enough. I think it’s a brilliant book. I was roaring laughing at the first
couple of pages.”
(Brendan Nolan, radio presenter and author of Telling Tales)

“… A series of laugh-aloud escapades peopled by a wacky cast of characters who weave throughout the story with exuberance and sparkling dialogue. To maintain the flow of ocularity while writing humorous books can be a tricky business, but the quirky Flann O’Brian/Milliganesque humour in Thomas’s book is well paced throughout and never flags. From the first paragraph to the last, this is a laugh-aloud read for any age, with compelling plot and well-rounded characters. The heavy-line illustrations contribute to the overall atmosphere of chaos in the story.”
(Inis, magazine of Children’s Books Ireland)

Reviews by young readers

Dead Hairy is a fantastic book. It is also the most insanely hilarious book since’ The Giggler Treatment’. I mean seriously! Living chest hair, talking heads, peeing monkeys and a whole lot of twists you never expect! Also, a plot that made me read all night. One page and all you’ll be able to think is ‘HAIR, HAIR, HAIR!’ 10 out of 10 for this book.
Conor, young reviewer for Fallen Star Stories

“This book is probably the funniest book I’ve ever read. The story is about a girl called Abby and one day Abby’s Grandmother Squashy’s false teeth get stuck in the Hoover, and Abby calls the very odd job man and he arrives with his daughter Perdita. After the incident Abby and Perdita become friends and they go on scary adventures in search of Perdita’s missing other Coriander. Oh, and I forgot to mention the evil burger-bodied villain Dr. Klench and the floating chest hair Chester. This book is so exciting I didn’t want to put it down.”
‘The Swallow’s Nest’: The Children’s Book Site

“It is a very funny book and if you read it you would probably laugh out loud …the book was great and I had a lot of fun reading it – I would recommend Dead Hairy to anyone who wanted a really good read!”
Róisín Martin (age 9)

“It’s a brilliant book for every age.”
Michael McGinley (age 11)

“I went back to Barker and Jones after school and bought Dead Hairy. I think it’s brilliant. There are so many unique things in the book and I especially like Chester and the secrecy
about where Coriander is.”
Elliot Davis (age 12)

You can get Dead Hairy direct from Mercier, from Easons or on Amazon.

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Mercier Press
Format: Paperback
Illustrations: Stella Macdonald
Publication Date: February 2013
Category: Children’s age 9-12
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