for October, 2017

Telling Tales

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Doing the rounds of Children’s Book Festival this month is a reminder of the joy, comfort, escape and pure wild fun that books can bring at any age. But there are always a few children who say they don’t like reading. I hugely admire their courage and honesty in admitting that in front of teachers, […]

Wonder weaving in Gort

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How much do local legends shape a place? If Gort in South Galway is anything to go by, a lot. The legacy of King Guaire lives on in both the magazine named after the 7th century ruler of Connaught and the minds of his young Gort descendants. To celebrate its 40th anniversary next year, Guaire […]

Blown away by books in the west

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A brilliant day launching Children’s Book Festival in Clifden and Inisbofin. They’re avid young readers in Clifden, spurred on by their book-loving teacher fresh from the 40th Clifden Arts festival. Then across the very choppy sea (even the captain said rough) to beautiful Inisbofin to launch the first ever One Book, One Island month, […]