for July, 2016


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One more day and she’ll be swimming across Irish screens again, that ditzy fish from the best film everrr. The abiding memory of Dory from Finding Nemo is that she has no memory.* A plus and a minus for the little Paracanthurus hepatus (just looked it up). On the plus side, her life is full […]

Genius blues

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There’s something spine-tickling about seeing a Michelangelo sculpture in the flesh, or rather pale, silky stone. More than 450 years after his death he still tops the pops in the Renaissance Hall of Fame. Walking through museums in Florence this week, you feel his work before seeing it. There’s a tightness in the air as […]

Bridges over troubled waters

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What a time of walls. As a Brit living in Ireland, it’s been the saddest thing watching my country vote to isolate itself from Europe, and would-be prime ministers promising to cut immigration. And that’s just Britain. European countries have been busy putting up fences for months to keep out refugees. Then there’s Donald Trump […]