for April, 2015

Class Act Launch

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All invited to the launch of Class Act on May 9th. Hope you can make it!

Washing feet gives you wiiings

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I’ve never given feet much thought. Mine are mercifully far away, rarely cause trouble and spend most of the day out of sight. As for toes, those weird little worms, I’ve tried not to think about them at all. But 2 weeks in Nepal have given me a whole new appreciation of all things sub-ankly. […]

Class Act

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My new book’s arrived on the doorstep, shiny and exciting and just a bit scary. Class Act will be in the bookshops on Friday.  What’s the point of Brian O’Bunion? His teacher hates him. His schoolmates ignore him. His dad hasn’t bought him Coco Pops for two years, one month and nineteen days. He feels […]