for February, 2013

Jungle Fun

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Thanks to all who helped launch Jungle Tangle at the Botanic Gardens on Saturday – a great laugh, complete with Amazonian adventures round the gardens and tropical glass houses. The weather matched the book perfectly: snow outside (Jungle Tangle starts in the UK winter) and steamy sweaties in the Palm House aka Amazon jungle.   […]

The amazing talking chocolate shrunken head

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“Fernando finds a good book” by the talented Asha Uberoi

Do what you do

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Glurp. It’s that wobbly fortnight before a book comes out. A time of wild seesaws between wanting everyone and no one to read it. What if the jokes fall flat? What if Great Aunt Budweiser recognises that little toe shaped like a chilli pepper on page 57? There’s something so vulnerable about writing, like baring […]