for November, 2012

Write not wrong

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One of the loveliest parts of writing for children is going into schools and teaching creative writing. I don’t really mean teaching. I always learn more than the ‘pupils’. And I don’t really mean writing: there’s plenty of talking, acting, miming and drawing. But creative? Definitely. In what other lesson does a granny wake up […]

Stories in Tights

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You should have seen the faces when our family sat down to watch The Merchant of Venice the other day. ‘Not Shaakespeare!’ ‘He’s all Thees and Thous and boys in tights.’ ‘Who’re actually girls.’ ‘And long boring speeches.’ ‘Which have nothing to do with now.’ Oh really? After ten minutes we were hooked. Like any […]

And They All Lived …

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Should stories have happy endings? If you think yes, then you’re like half the children I ask when I visit schools and libraries. If you think no, then you’re like the other half. And if you think yes and no, then you’re like most of them when they’ve had a minute to consider. Happily ever […]

Latest NEWs

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NEW month: Hooray for November with its wild colours, woolly socks and whiff of almost- Christmas. NEW website: A big thank you to Ralph Croly for jazzing it up a treat. NEW York: where not to be right now. Thoughts and prayers for those whose homes and lives have been ripped apart by Hurricane Sandy. I […]