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Welcome to my website. I write books for children (and the adults they look after).

How did I come to do that? Well, after studying fossils in England, working in BBC radio, meeting prawn farmers in Bangladesh and dancing with pygmies in Uganda, what else can you do?

Check out my latest book, My Secret Dragon: http://littleisland.ie/books/my-secret-dragon/

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Aidan Mooney has the mother of all problems … she’s part-dragon. He’s spent his whole life trying to guard her secret. But when it gets out, a terrifying chain of events leads to Aidan risking his life to save hers.

‘Filled with heart and exciting twists and turns, My Secret Dragon is utterly wonderful.’               Mary Esther Judy, reviewer and bookseller

‘This rollicking adventure mixes sci-fi, fantasy and ancient mythology… will keep everyone on tenterhooks.’ Andrea Reece, LoveReading4Kids

‘A smashing romp. The writing is excellent.’ Celine Kiernan, author

‘Unforgettable characters and page-turning action.’  ER Murray, author


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